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Seamless gift-giving for the kids you love

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Gift boxes full of the things they love.

Are they into Arts & Crafts? The Outdoors? Reading? We have a variety of awesome gift boxes that cater to the interests of your nibling. Just browse our selection and choose the one that fits them best or design your own!

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For any occasion.

Whether it's a birthday, graduation, or just-because, choose a gift that lets them know you care. It's the perfect way to celebrate with them, even if you aren't close enough to do it in person.

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Delivered on-time.

We feature one-time gifts based on your Nibling’s special date. With Niblings, you don’t have to cancel a subscription later or risk your Nibling receiving a bunch of unwanted items.

How it Works

1. You fill out a survey telling us about your Nibling.

2. We create an amazing gift box for them.

3. Your Nibling’s gift box makes a happy Nibling!

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Happy little niblings loving their gift boxes!