Hello from Niblings!

Hello and thank you for being an early supporter of Niblings!

I’m Markita, and I’m the founder of the company. I thought I would send an email and blog post since it’s been a while since we’ve connected, and many of you are new to the Niblings fam :)

I’ll start with the uber basics and introduce (or re-introduce) myself. I’m a 30-something mother of 2 beautiful girls, wife of a wonderful guy, and owner of a cat named Suki. I live in Oakland, CA and I’m originally from Detroit. I currently have a full-time job at Adobe, and Niblings is my passion project and side hustle. I love the balance of both jobs because I learn and apply so much to each, and with NIblings I get to really own and implement the things I believe in.

My brand new baby, Autumn, and older baby, Emerald

My brand new baby, Autumn, and older baby, Emerald

Why I started Niblings

Many years ago, I got frustrated with the fact that I suck at the giving gifts. I could pick out cool stuff and have all the motivation in the world, but either don’t remember occasions or don’t act on it. I had 5 nieces and nephews and they were, at the time, the only real priority I had for giving gifts (I couldn’t even get around to thinking about adults!) and I wished there was a service to help me with this. I was working on a fitness blog at the time and that was my primary project, so I didn’t pursue this gift-giving thing. Plus, why would I start a business in an area where I sucked?

Well, fast-forward years later. I learned a lot from that fitness blog and it had run its course. I couldn’t get this idea out of my head and finally decided that I wanted to do this. Also, why NOT create a business where I could be the biggest customer? I could make the perfect product for myself and others like me.

What’s Next for Niblings

OMG we have so many ideas!

We’ll definitely continue offering the custom boxes, and we’re learning more about what people want for kids, and the types of gifts that stand out to kids. So, we’re taking all these learnings and making our boxes better and better.

One new idea that’s launching very soon is a Summertime Box. School’s almost out and it’s a great time to spoil the kids in our lives with things to keep them busy (especially if we can keep them off of those phones for a little while). We’ll create a limited number of box offerings and you’ll be able to spoil your little ones with something fun and engaging for the summer. Don’t miss it when you see it!

New look, new packaging…what do you think??

New look, new packaging…what do you think??

So let’s talk more…

Reach out anytime! You can email me at markita@theniblings.com or contact me through social media. Tell me your ideas, and what you like or don’t like about what we’re doing.

That’s it for now. I’ll catch up again soon!


Markita Staples