What is Niblings?

Niblings is for that awesome Aunt, Uncle, family member, or friend who loves to spoil the little ones in their life! Sometimes we get so busy and, as families grow, it can be difficult to keep track of all the many occasions and events in your Nibling’s life. With Niblings, we remember that special day for you! We can send you an alert reminding you up the upcoming date, and you can then browse through our inventory of specially selected products. We will make sure your gift is wrapped, shipped, personalized and delivered just in time for that special day.

And what exactly is a "Nibling"?

A “Nibling” is a child other than your own (the word "Sibling", with the first letter of "Niece" and "Nephew"). The service we offer can apply to any child in your life. Everyone has a Nibling and we help you spoil them!

How do I get started with the service?

Getting started is easy. Just fill out this survey!

As an exciting new business, we are still working out the kinks so, if you have any difficulties registering, please feel free to contact us for assistance. We can handle registration and any other questions you may have.

Is this service only for Birthdays and Christmas?

No Way! Because giving is not just for birthdays and holidays, Niblings allows you to spoil your nibling on ANY occasion, whether it be for kindergarten graduation, an awesome report card, or even a care package during summer camp; Anytime you want them to feel special!

Is this a subscription box?

Nope. Your nibling will receive a one-time gift for the occasion of your choice. No need to remember to cancel anything later. Just be sure to come back for the next occasion!

How far in advance should I order?

We recommend completing a survey at least 3 weeks (15 business days) in advance for a “Completely Custom” box and 2 weeks (10 business days) for a “Niblings Themed” box. Please another 2-3 days if you need us to get the shipping address for you.

What if my nibling doesn’t like their gift?

At Niblings we do our very best to choose the latest and greatest products for our gift boxes. If for some reason your nibling is unhappy, just shoot us an email and we'll make it up to both of you. We of course love feedback, so if you feel a product is not suitable in any way, please contact us and let us know!

Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

While we understand that some niblings live further away, Niblings is only able to ship domestically at the moment. However, we are forever expanding and international shipping could be an option in the further, so always check back with us!

 I’m having a different issue?

These are just a few of the questions that have been asked. If you have an issue that isn’t covered in this section please contact us.